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Here are examples of my work. Please click on image!!! To see full portfolio & contact me.


Please click on the image to view full perspective. Thank You.

I am currently writing a modern Opera after working on the two seasons of 'COME TO YOUR SENSES' etc. Working from all perspective to artwork, to visual transformation... Stage choreography art. it was probably the most successful body of play I have developed. We proved this vision by encompassing everyone in the creation. We built a reflection of a true class in culture by achieving a healthy revenue.


We added Ballet into the works!! From a stage of Classical movements to diverse film projects It was a masterpiece!

'PACE'. creative learning

I have worked on a volunteer project development called 'PACE' which helps kids to move on the stage of art in a meaningful way in context. This project includes creating a public awareness of social involvement into a diverse setting of creative learning.


All research, work & artwork provided for the 'Crayola Project' to happen. Let's prevent kids from living on the streets through art. Love is priority. Say NO to drugs! Let's get creative! peace & love



Here is some more of my project work. I believe by focusing on proactive projects, we may effectively develop a social wellness of character in nature.


I like exploring the essence of true passion as it reflects a romantic value of art in film.


I believe that true peace activism needs to happen on a artistic level. Creating attention to the energy of peace in human rights will contribute to the nature of a true class.




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