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Investment & Commissions


To commission work or for film contract me today! Please inquire with any questions of prices are on the art if you are interested in buying or investing on a commission . Thank You.


My level is to produce visual art & professional visual poetry. If you are interested in working with me on film or stage development please inquire. Contact me today on the professional project concept and we will make it happen and come alive!!!

No weapons are needed. Weapons are not used. They belong in museums. I work in modern art. The war was declared over by the UN in communications globally via the Universal Declaration of Human Rights & in the equality of freedom. We live in a romantic era. Peace, Love & Life. 


Working on a diversity of stage development from visual poetry, class of script revival to large scale promotional advertising, to theatre choreography - we achieved a successful following and our audience loved our new approach.


I donate to a number of non-profit organizations and events, mostly to the improvement of fitness levels in the practice of living life on this earth etc.

Love more , fear less.

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