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Working towards a solution. Getting creative about it.

This is some of my artwork & visual concepts... Commission what catches you here:
Creative soul. 

Character in a sketch! Let's get creative!!!

Honestly, the best way to cure 'anything' ~ draw out funny faces, every type of emotion you will find you are ancient and innocent in the same moment. Pure Expressionism.


If there is a thousand years in one moment then we exist by love.


Please click on images to view full perspective.

Visual Art. 

Please click on images to view full picture!

The art of Spiritual Enlightenment is my work.

Let me know I can paint them at any size you would like! Human Love. Paintings ranging from $200 and up for creative kids, innovative healing & art therapy.


Commission paintings ranging from depending on the size of the project and how many you order. Large format gallery canvas ~ Starting from $1000. Please inquire.


Let me know which one or style you like or I can create anything in equal to the same style of expression!!!



Imagination is honestly healthy.

Just paint. Mind, body, heart & soul ....

WARM-UP!!! Some of the most rewarding experiences I find is to be fit, warm & active. I train as much as possible for my own awareness, confidence, and spiritual metamorphosis. It is amazing what the body may achieve when it is present.


I love inspiring others to their full potential towards health & well being.

I practice in modern dance, martial art & hot bikram yoga. I am always working in my sketchbook. Creative idea's and how to make them come to life! I

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