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Check out my 'ART' tab above for current artwork projects!


Mission: To help develop more creative ability in this world. To inspire finding the nature of the soul & spiritual enlightenment through Visual Art.

"Live your dreams, not your tragedy."~Brenda Thompson


Warm-up! I am a passionate visual artist & creative soul.

Sometimes the most beautiful human beings are faced with the biggest challenges in life because the spirit needs to EVOLVE! I painted the OPERA with true colour ~ creating and designing it, reviving it, from the nature of its direction by warming it up with ART & dance! Miracles happen every day it is the same idea as to how a butterfly awakens from a cacoon... it takes a moment to open up its wings ~ in the way we express our true colours!

Specializing in Humanity Projects & Art Therapy ~ contact me today! Manifest your dreams!!

Creating visual poetry...

Brenda Thompson

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