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Recent Composition

The Crayola Project

Film for kids, working on artwork


We are currently working on a film project for kids and young family's to become more creative through art & fashion. A better world needs more inspiration in CHARACTER development. Art projects are healthy and help to prevent poverty in society. Let's get creative

Latest projects

Film me check out my photography:


This area of development will change the lives of everyone into a true potential of well being as we know it. It is Currently looking for a productive team to develop 'The CRAYOLA PROJECT' in full colour with true colour! Like vintage art or fashion TV it is a program for kids and new families to GET CREATIVE with fashion and art. Character development and having fun with ART, let's paint.


Message me on Face Book. Thank you.





Our New Film:

Poetic Film Book

Currently we are developing a short film. 'A Way from Africa' ~ Modern Opera by: Brenda Thompson

It is all about visual poetry and the nature of the soul. It starts from a book written about my true life story in a modern opera style. Warm up it is passionate.


It's always a surprise that will move you.

OPERA ART! Poetic, alive, authentic, moving! We incorporate dance in our opera.

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