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I am writing a book on my life story. Live your beautiful dreams!!!

Always working on the Art of non-discrimination... especially the innocent, life is valuable!



" do you regain your honour after you have destroyed it!?


A brief light into the way some of the dark characters transform and redeem their honour & respect.


"Have you ever listened to the essence of your soul? Life is too shallow without true compassion. 

OM' - The Way of The Ninja

​© 2014 by Brenda Thompson.

This is a kung Fu story about the life of a ninja. It is a true story of courage and what it is to stand up for your spirit. So innocent yet she is most severely attacked by forces she did not create and through the way of nature, she transforms into a ninja. This is an artistc film production with a warm passionate feeling of techniques of true training and revival of the spirit, through traveling through dimensions of energy & enlightenment. A new view in finding light from the darkness of the human condition. Mostly contrasting how distructive the ego is to the beauty that surrounds us in nature. Romantic in the way she awakens to the discovery of true love in meeting her equal, her hero in existence! 


'I do not have control in the flow of reality, I bend where spirit bids me fullness of spirit ...not an ego provides.' ~Buddhist Teaching

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