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I always carried a bucket of crayons with me as a kid. Born in Edmonton Alberta, Canada I studied art all through school, and theatre drama at a young age always in modeling or drama art class. My first role was playing 'the fonze' in a school musical. I remember traveling to Paris at 17 with my best friend and watching the play 'Grease' blind folded in London just to visualize how I would see it move. I think the power of visualization is the only way to create something valuable well in perspective.


I studied art history & design, film & fine Art in College and traveled through Spain & Holland with my sketch book. I then learned to form my own style while traveling through Australia & South East Asia, living in Bangkok city and visting remote area's in Indonesia sailing to the Mentawai Islands and star gazing. Asia is where I picked up my practice of kung fu. A true martial art in the nature of spiritual peace.


When I finally returned back to Canada I went back to University and was chosen out of my class to work with one of the top producers of the Opera! I learned all area's of development of theatre design on a large scale of performance art. I am always working in modern contemporay stages of dance, drama and modern evolution. I have visited as many diverse studio fitness classes as possible to keep my own character creative and alive in technique. I work well with inspiring teams!


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