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Visual Artist

"TRANSFORMATIONAL WORK!!!!" passion, soul and love...

Healing Arts | Communication | Dance| Human Projects | Film



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Professional info


I am a team player! I play fair. I am a proactive visual artist who is extremely creative! I have worked on major human projects including Peace Activism, Opera Art, Dance, Film, Healing Arts, Professional Modeling & Visual Communication Design. Let's get creative!!! ART is SOUL.


Let's create some visual poetry! I am currently writing a book on 'Creative Evolution' The Art of Healing & An Opera a MODERN creative OPERA: A Way From Africa ~ about the congo and my family's life there!!


I have also volunteered for over 8 years and have worked in the healing arts. I like the techniques of trust building, communication, and character development. Finding balance through the art of healing, dance, and positive energy is honestly inspiring. I know that if more human beings practiced hot yoga meditation our world would be full of health & wellness.

Work experience


'PACE' Photography | Art | Volunteer

2008 - 2017


1) I have worked on a project development called 'PACE' which helps kids to move on to the stage of art in a meaningful way in context to their passions. This project includes creating a public awareness of social involvement into a diverse setting of creative learning. This project helps to maintain a safe team value of positive social outlet's for kids and to get parents to get actively involved in the community by volunteering. 


2) I have worked with many individuals through the communication in the healing arts within in the context of character development. I am a proactive peace activist. I enjoy finding the beauty in every human being I meet. I think it is important to live in harmony with nature. I have worked with human portraiture and photography for over 10 years. I have a strong value in the art of true compassion, peace & respect.




Modern Opera Design | Production Portfolio | Opera Art


I have worked with the Opera on many diverse levels of creative evolution. Creating visual art on 2 full season's of 'Come to Your Senses'.  Working on play's with harmony & revival of play art, to visual conceptual art. Stage movement class included development & incorporation of of modern contemporary ballet within the direction. Attending to promotional advertising and diverse cultural events including Gala's and theatre.

MEDIA SHAKER. positive pro active media/civil rights movement.

Visual Communication Design | Environment Safety


I have developed my internship with this opportunity to create positive proactive media on diverse levels. In conjuction with the art of managing visualization into a true opportunity. Work includes applying the value of non-discrimination into proactive peace projects assisting in communication design with the provincial gov't/s. 


Team Building


Illustration, Art & Photography



Professional Modeling

Modern Dance

Character Development


Portfolio Building


Opera Art,  Art History


Design Innovation

Creative Evolution



Training & Warm-Up


Recently Painting:

Kung Fu Art 'Butterfly's'




& the Human Value



Grant MacEwan University ~ Visual Art | MA Professional Visual Communication Design Major illustration 2008 | Jason Lang Scholarship

Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certificate 2020


Professional Modeling | Volunteer work with Art Therapy & the Art of Non-Discrimination via The Declaration of Human Rights  | Professional Internships



Master of Interpretive Art & Quantum Hot Yoga Victoria

2000 - present | references available upon meeting


I have worked with many aspects of martial art and spiritual healing. Extensive meditation, energy balance, transformation and movement techniques. Includes extensive travel through Southeast Asia, current education, natural energy interpretation, soul healing & creating peace. Extensive practice with the completion 100 days straight of hot bikram yoga.



Visual Artist | Peace Activist | Choreographer

Art Therapy Coach

Art & Paint:

Visual Poetry ~ Modern ART, CREATIVE SOUL ~ Human portraiture, Character Ink Drawings, Creations, FATE, OCEAN CURRENTS...


DANCE: jazzercise, I dance professionally, film, choreography, for fun, modern, hot studio, Creative' techniques... soul.

ART THERAPY: Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certificate 2020

Film: DANCE, SOULMATE ART, modeling

Visual Communication:

Project Development, Peace Activism, Human Projects, Healing Arts, Art Therapy, Time Travel


Opera Art: Please Inquire.


Film | Creative Works | Stage Development: Model, Actress, Theatre Composition, Jazzercise class, inspiring practice & professional improvement.

Current Education: Communication, Spiritual Awakening, Soul, Stars, Time by Light Travel, Romantic Evolution, Transformation, Physics, Innovation, Enlightenment, Peace & Love.




2010 - present

2010 - present

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