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Life is all about the essence of true passion & freedom. I think it is important to learn all aspects of performance art to keep the spirit of creativity alive! Creative evolution is simple from one stage to the next, it is a way to develop a diverse imagination. This culture is all about character building in life and being honestly playful about it! Art is alive.

Opera Art.


Opera will catch you when you least expect it. It is the way you listen to it, similar to the tides of the ocean. 


One of my favorite projects was working on two full seasons of 'Come to Your Senses'. With the two chapters of 4 show's in each season. I love working with professional teams like the Edmonton Opera with transformational artwork! It is always a powerful message we had to reveal, we almost had to scare the foundation of Opera by letting them know that we were adding some fire of artistic passion to the life of the development. Starting in at this level I saw how it needed a full instinct of revival to the overall energy that existed and in the way it will move our audience! In retrospect we had to spark the romantic value in our class system once again.


I find this is always the case in performance design, how to awaken the spirit by the art of transformation.


The stage of Opera is so profound. It is all about how it manufests in the nature of the soul; by the connectiveness of  love to the truely passionate! In all depth from revival of existing story, to adding in diverse art, modern opera will always be uplifting to awaken a sense of a full masterpiece in the true creation of it!


That is what the stage of Opera is all about.

A Romantic Era! A play of wit and class. 




Stage Movement Class.


Move and let it be moving on all levels! Poetic justice needs to happen. Continuing with the Opera Art in play formation we turned up the heat and revealed to the audience a fresh Don Giovanni piece. I was thinking broadway style.


Starting in advertising, we promoted that the Opera is starting to get extremely hot!


Catching a new following by having people wonder what we were up to by this statement. We then counter balanced our play choices with the following  act of 'Carmen' as we kept going with how Opera is almost getting out of hand!! what we were getting into by these profound images, people were wondering what we were up to; meanwhile we were keeping the passion alive within our production design! The idea was to still do 4 shows in each season just highlight some of the hot acts to warm up our audience. WE encompassed it all they were enticed and we invited our ballet company to perform with us... which ultimately was the innocence in the body of visual poetry as it was a huge success!!!!


I believe sometimes choreography becomes the costume in a live performance. I enjoy all areas of theatre art, scene development, the spirit of a play on all levels of the stage. I love conceptualizing the visual play into formation as it enhances the talent and the art on stage. It is so valuable to find the honour of depth in creative evolution of any play for a positive professional direction. 



Film & Artistic Imagery.


I believe if you can experience what it is to be on stage to an expression, then most film work becomes more valuable in character.


It is a live audience you communicate with before it becomes a drama. It is so valuable to study the characters within the play. For example I studied 'My Fair Lady' with with some of my English friends in the UK to achieve the right bitter accent in the audition song. Finding the humour in essence through the political battle and then finding peace in the end of it all. All stages are diverse.


I think the best way to practice Opera Art is to counter balance with how one would communicate to the Queen in proper english. It is fun & playful.


A drama should always be playful in essence, one should always ask where is the wit and how to build strength in a true class of style. I am always considering how it would portray to the team and to the audience. Talent is valuable that is where you find the taste! It is important to get into the passion of character to evolve what it would be to exist in that Era - past, present or future to consider what it might say in today's enlightenment. 


I have a ton of 'Modern Opera Art' and artwork that is brand new up and ready!

Please see my art work and portfolio.




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